Geomancy for the home

Creating a home where we can recharge our batteries, feel good and live in harmony – who doesn’t dream of that?

Through geomantic interference suppression, we eliminate interference fields on a subtle level and restore healthy harmony permanently and sustainably. Power-sapping spaces and places become places of power.

Left-turning water veins, faults, structural irregularities are just some of the disturbance factors that affect the earth’s energy field and lead to a low energy potential. Low energy potentials favor electrosmog and other radiation emissions, promote negative energies, e.g. also quarrels, fear, anger.

In addition to geomantic factors, personal mementos, negative events, burdened memories and much more also have an influence, especially at home. the indoor climate negatively. We feel uncomfortable and tired in energetically draining rooms. The consequences range from a lack of strength and energy, disharmony and insomnia to chronic illnesses.

All impairments are permanently removed and degrading energies are transformed into constructive ones. Sensitive people and pets sense the changes immediately.

Targeted power guidance and power place designs such as a meditation place, work or family place are possible.

Geomantic interference suppression and energization at a glance:

Interference suppression of apartments, houses, gardens:
Mental interference suppression, e.g. by reversing left-rotating water veins, eliminating left-rotating radiation, eliminating the effects of earth faults, radioactivity, electrosmog, structural impairments, establishing a healthy chi flow, healing possibly existing disturbed earth chakras, interference suppression of personal objects, liberation from negative energies.

– Protection:
Sustainable protection of interference-free areas against new interference and radiation immissions

Regeneration and strengthening of natural places of power, creation of new places of power